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5G competitive advantage survey of mainstream manufacturers: Apple ranks first, Huawei has only 5% supporters

Author: Zhengzhou Unicom broadband Source: Zhengzhou broadband installation Published: 2019-10-20 11:11:21 visit:

"A thousand Hamlet in the eyes of a thousand viewers"

Naturally, "Which 5G technology is better?" The answers to such questions are also very different!

A well-known US IT magazine PCMag launched a survey on mainstream brand manufacturers' 5G competitive advantage. The survey is based on data samples from local users. Nearly half (42%) of consumers who participated in the survey believe that Apple has already competed in 5G. Get the biggest advantage, Samsung ranked second with 29%. Huawei with a strong communications technology background has only 5% of its supporters.

Although it is a set of sample data, the author guesses that there should be many readers questioning the survey results. After all, Huawei with strong communication technology strength has only 5% of its supporters. But this 5% is actually very easy to interpret. Huawei mobile phones are banned from selling in the US market. This set of data samples is taken from the US consumer market. 5% may be potential supporters of Huawei ’s "unlocking" in the United States.

For this survey result, PCMag Mobile chief analyst Sascha Segan concluded that Android phone makers will have a hard time winning iPhone buyers with new 5G phones.

PCMag analyst's conclusion comes from the iPhone's own brand influence on the one hand, and user-level loyalty on the other. In other words, in the face of Apple ’s high brand influence and high user loyalty, even if Apple ’s first 5G version of the iPhone is listed one or two years later than its peers, Android phone manufacturers still cannot rely on new 5G phones to absorb iPhone users.

Apple has always been radical in the field of mobile phone industry design, while maintaining a conservative state, and has also performed in the mobile communication technology upgrade application level.

The iPhone 5 was officially released on September 12, 2012. This phone is an important "transition" product in the history of Apple's mobile phone development. It ended the era of Apple's "3.5-inch" screen, and the Lightning data cable was applied this year. At the same time iPhone 5 is Apple's first 4G phone, but it is two years later than the first Android 4G phone HTC EVO 4G.

When the 4G wind rises, perhaps no one cares about the iPhone 5 and HTC EVO 4G two years before it; while the 4G wind will stop, the iPhone still laughs.

5G technology is called the forerunner of the fourth industrial revolution (the second information revolution). Entering the 5G pre-commercialization period in 2019, Android phone manufacturers will come up with 5G smart phone solutions, but Apple has not moved. The direct cause of this contrast may be caused by Apple's quarrel with Qualcomm before getting Qualcomm's 5G baseband. On the other hand, it may be a combination of radical and conservative in Apple's bones.

Entering 2019, 5G plans, including 5G networking and 5G smartphone listing, are basically in the "proof of concept" stage. In terms of the listing of 5G smartphones alone, the contrast between the Android camp's eagerness and Apple's "unmoved" does not indicate that Apple is not interested in 5G. Apple has always been concerned about cutting-edge technologies.

Finally, the results of the PCMag survey show that the sampled data can only explain local problems.

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