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Unicom's "517 Online Shopping Festival" expands 50% off ice cream packages

Author: Zhengzhou broadband installation package Source: Zhengzhou broadband installation Published: 2017-05-17 23:54:33 visit:

With the increasing efforts to speed up and reduce fees, this year's "517 Telecommunications Day", users are more concerned about the issue of operator communication charges. Data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology show that, at the end of the first quarter, China ’s average monthly mobile Internet traffic per user has reached 1.28G. Insufficient Internet traffic and expensive fees have become a headache for many users. More and more users expect operators to launch unlimited data packages.

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In January this year, China Unicom launched the first ice cream series package, setting a precedent. After the launch of the unlimited traffic package, the operator's original complex tariff structure will be greatly simplified, which can release the investment of IT systems and other resources. Not only that, in the case of sufficient traffic, users' demand for rich media such as video, music, and high-definition pictures will greatly increase. In the future, with the connection of new applications such as VR and AR, users' network behavior will in turn stimulate traffic usage.

It was precisely this market prospect that was followed, and the other two operators followed suit and introduced their own unlimited data packages. It can be seen that the unlimited data package has been recognized by users.

Take China Unicom's ice cream package as an example. The 198 yuan ice cream package contains 1500 minutes of domestic voice and 15GB of 4G national traffic per month (after exceeding, it drops to 3G network speed, unlimited traffic), while the 398 yuan ice cream package Contains 3000 minutes of domestic voice and 40GB of 4G national traffic per month (after exceeding, it will be reduced to 3G network speed, unlimited traffic). The two packages can be chosen at will, which can meet the needs of ordinary users and the needs of users with large amounts of traffic.

However, in order to guarantee the user's fair use of the network, Unicom's current unlimited traffic packages have certain restrictions. Take the package with a monthly fee of 398 yuan as an example. After the total domestic data traffic reaches 40GB in that month, the Internet rate will drop to 3G (up to 7.2Mbps) and resume in the next month. After using 100GB in the month, the data Internet function will be turned off. Automatically recover the next month.

The 398 yuan package is similar. If you dial more than 3,000 minutes in a month and continue dialing different network users, there is no hang-up behavior, or if you dial more than 1,000 different numbers, it is considered abnormal dialing behavior. The voice service is closed during the month. Monthly recovery.

It is worth mentioning that today is the annual World Telecommunication Day, and May 17 each year has become the day when the operator offers the largest discount to new and old customers. It is reported that the 6th 517 Online Shopping Festival of China Unicom has officially started on May 15th. The event lasts for 7 days. The biggest highlight of this online shopping festival is the 50% discount on the monthly fee for ice cream packages and the public test experience of the "Bright View" business.

During the event, you can apply for a new 517 exclusive ice cream package to join the network, you can enjoy a half-price discount (the original monthly fee of 398 yuan / month, now 199 yuan / month, discount until June 30, 2020), and can also receive Wojia cloud disk platinum Members, members enjoy 1T personal storage space, data backup and other services, as well as Tujia Qianyuan gift packs, up to 12% off gas cards and other gifts. . You can enjoy free traffic viewing of videos in mainstream video apps when you apply for the "Open View" service public beta experience. At the same time, users can enjoy 10% discount on recharge in the mobile phone business hall and other old users!

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