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Entering the “fast track” of big data, Shanghai Unicom has launched a blossoming big data ecosystem!

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With the development of the mobile Internet, we are now in the era of big data. Data has become a valuable productivity. Whoever holds the data may have the future. Facing the space opportunities brought by big data, more and more enterprises are turning their attention to this market. Telecom operators at the forefront of informatization construction, with a large number of users, are producers and transmitters of data, and have the natural advantage of opening up the big data market.

Facing the direction of industrial transformation under the new normal, Shanghai Unicom actively explores big data operation and monetization models and is committed to building an ecosystem for the development of big data. Through the Big Data Lab, it supports projects such as innovation and academic research, big data courses, and open and open data competitions to provide users with a better service experience, improve the stickiness of the ecosystem, and establish the role of Shanghai Unicom as a leader in the operator field. , And cast a true core competitiveness.

Leverage the right time, place and people, develop new energy for innovation and academic research

Over the years, Shanghai Unicom has accumulated a large amount of user data. As early as 2014, Shanghai Unicom built the industry's first big data platform with PB-level high-performance processing and real-time and offline data processing capabilities. The total data storage is about 3.4PB, with more than 200 nodes, more than 10,000 tags, more than 40 data models, more than 200 application scenarios, and covering nearly 10 million people. This data covers the entire business, all customers, and all channels. It has a long data recording cycle, long retention time, and good data continuity.

Based on the development needs of our economy entering the new normal, we are committed to creating new momentum for economic development. In order to promote the social application of operator's big data and support the innovation and entrepreneurship of the public, Shanghai Unicom launched the Big Data Open Lab in April 2017. The laboratory is a big data training ground for the general public and enterprises, research institutions and startup teams. The Shanghai Unicom Big Data Lab will also support dual innovation and academic research to break down regional research barriers. Not only can remotely obtain virtual data as a research data pool, but also have the opportunity to integrate into Shanghai Unicom's data core space and look at this magnificent and vast data The world, truly makes the research of the data laboratory boundless! We hope that the entrepreneurial and academic research supported by the Big Data Lab will generate more new formats, new industries, and new models, which will greatly expand the traditional service industry, and new economic growth points will continue to emerge. With more accumulation and small accumulation, Shuangchuang will gradually become an important support for adjusting the economic structure of the data industry.

Cultivate data talents and compete in the industry

As early as 2013, Shanghai Unicom began to deploy a big data capability platform. In 2014, the construction of a big data platform was completed, which can centrally collect BOM domain data of Shanghai Unicom's entire network users. With reference to the practices of international advanced operators, Shanghai Unicom carried out the top-level design of big data from three dimensions: underlying data processing and mining, product development management, and business operation model. On the one hand, big data has been implemented in precision marketing, user experience management, and network optimization. Exploration in other aspects On the other hand, through the exploration of foreign cooperation, products based on big data systems have been initially formed.

On this basis, Shanghai Unicom is slowly transforming from a big data user to a big data enabler. Shanghai Unicom will not only help partners to operate data with their own capabilities, as an enabler, but also will export big data knowledge standards to improve the data operation level of partners and even the community.

Shanghai Unicom's big data training course upholds the purpose of selecting outstanding teachers. Special experts and scholars from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Fudan University, and other universities are invited to join with Unicom Group's outstanding internal trainers to bring basic data theory, platform architecture, data Many courses in the field of big data, such as data mining, product operations, and industry cases, represent the professional level of domestic big data analysis and research. As an important part of the output of knowledge standards, the big data course is a window for internal employees of Shanghai Unicom, companies in various provinces, and all sectors of society to understand the results of big data application by operators. It will also be a supply station for them to build their own big data expert team.

At the same time, Shanghai Unicom found outstanding data partners through the "Walter + Open Data Competition" and incubated innovations relying on the platform of the Big Data Lab. The first "Walter +" data application competition jointly organized by Shanghai Unicom and Huawei last March was very Success, the competition awards up to 230,000 yuan, for the first time for the nation ’s data scientists, developers, and scientific researchers to open the representative operator desensitization data. This year's "Wo + Open Data Contest" will be launched in July. It aims to establish open cooperation between data scientists, developer communities, research communities, college teams and operators in big data, and promote the innovation and implementation of data products.

Promote the realization of the value of big data capabilities and release the extra-communication value of users

In addition to exploring the potential of user value in existing communications, Shanghai Unicom also focused on enhancing the extension of the value of user communications, and resourceizing and monetizing non-communication behavior data, network data, and business data in user channels. In other words, in addition to realizing the service function of products within the big data, I also hope to transform big data into business value and improve brand influence through big data.

Data does not come out of thin air. Data is a scene, a business, and an application. Shanghai Unicom knows that the best way to experience the value of data is to return to business. Through the "Wo + Open Data Contest" project, integrate key resources in the big data industry, including government agencies, key universities, technology providers, service providers, and demanders of big data services, and connect with China Unicom to open platforms and develop More potential application data services.

Join forces to build a big data ecosystem

With the help of "Big Data Lab", "Big Data Excellent Courses", "Walter + Open Data Contest", Shanghai Unicom builds a big data sharing platform, and integrates operator big data with the Internet, finance, banking, insurance, advertising and other industries The integration of data, strengthen data collection, strengthen data fusion, build a big data ecosystem from point to surface, and promote the upgrade of brand influence.

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