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5.17 Telecom Day Special Report: Big Data Dream Comes to Reality

Author: Zhengzhou broadband installation package Source: Zhengzhou broadband installation Published: 2017-05-17 23:54:32 visit:

The theme of this year's 5.17 Telecom Day is "Developing Big Data for Big Impact." This is the first time that ITU has focused on big data. ITU aims to realize the full potential of big data and turn it into an information opportunity for development.

In the age of the Internet, what is really big data? What changes can big data bring to people's production and life? How can big data be better commercialized? And who is tapping the potential of big data? Blue Whale TMT launches a series of reports. This article focuses on the application results of telecommunication operator Shanghai Unicom in the construction of the big data ecosystem.

Big data ecosystem has been formed

It's not spring, it's always spring.

Some analysts believe that the priority to solve the problem of low availability of data across industries and fields, taking data sharing as the fundamental starting point, and providing an integrated big data service platform are the necessary ways to effectively address the core crux of the current data innovation and development process in China. Mr. Shen Ke, deputy general manager of Shanghai Unicom, pointed out that from the current trend of big data applications, from government to enterprises, data is open and financial development has become a broad consensus.

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According to reports, the practice of Shanghai Unicom's big data ecosystem is to discover outstanding data partners through the "Shanghai Unicom Vol + Open Data Contest, and rely on the platform of the Big Data Lab to incubate and innovate. It was jointly organized by Shanghai Unicom and Huawei last March. The first "Wo +" data application competition was successfully held, with a prize of up to 230,000 yuan. The contest opened the nation ’s representative data desensitization data for the first time to data scientists, developers, and scientific researchers. This year, "Wo + Open Data" The competition will start in July, and aims to establish open cooperation between data scientists, developer communities, scientific research communities, college teams and operators in big data, and promote the innovation and implementation of data products.

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In addition, in terms of training, Shanghai Unicom has also made a big move this year. Shanghai Unicom has cooperated with well-known universities and industry chain partners to create a high-quality curriculum system for big data and output the "Shanghai Unicom model." Shanghai Unicom's excellent big data training course upholds the purpose of selecting outstanding teachers. It invites experts and scholars from universities such as Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Fudan University, and joins Unicom Group's outstanding internal trainers to bring together basic data theory, platform architecture, and data mining. Many courses in the field of big data, such as data analysis, product operations, industry cases, etc., represent the professional level of domestic big data analysis research and application fields. As an important part of the output of knowledge standards, the big data course is a window for internal employees of Shanghai Unicom, branches of various provinces, and even all sectors of society to understand the results of big data application by operators. It will also be a supply station for them to build their own big data expert team.

"From the perspective of the current big data application trend, from government to enterprises, data is open, and financial development has become a broad consensus." Mr. Shen Ke, deputy general manager of Shanghai Unicom, pointed out that at this point in time, a continuous and effective cooperation chain was established. Drilling into the value of big data has become a bright move to follow the trend and future.

According to reports, Shanghai Unicom's big data platform can collect three levels of full data resources, namely basic information data, behavior information data, and grassroots network data. The total amount of data has reached the PB level, with tens of billions of new data being added daily, which can provide location insight, tag management, data integration, user views, data modeling, data mining, network assessment, data management, operational monitoring, data security, 12 types of big data services such as privacy protection and business reports.

Based on the above capabilities, Shanghai Unicom Big Data has now launched “Internet +” cooperation with external partners in the fields of media, credit reporting, and personal consumption to achieve precise advertising and tracking, business district location, financial credit reporting, and industry insight. And other application scenarios.

Industry insiders analyze that big data is the core strategic asset of operators. The big data advantage of operators is reflected in the authenticity, richness, completeness and continuity of data. Through real + virtual full data, it can independently support O2O application capabilities. The main reason why the Big Data Lab is led by Shanghai Unicom is that Shanghai Unicom is relatively strong in building leading big data application capabilities. It has begun early in the development of big data and has relatively fast movements. At present, it has achieved relatively good results. .

Today, Shanghai Unicom builds industry-leading own big data capabilities, builds insights into user behavior, judges users' preferences for various capabilities, implements refined operations internally, and builds intelligent pipelines externally, providing digital trajectories for government and other industries, data supermarkets, The five major categories of products: intelligent credit reporting, marketing switch, and accurate customer acquisition, not only promote the development of Shanghai's smart cities, but also have reference significance for large and medium cities across the country.

Shanghai Unicom Big Data Lab unveiled

Recently, Shanghai Unicom Haiyan Big Data Open Lab was unveiled. Zhou Weiran, deputy director of Shanghai Science and Technology Committee of Changning District, Wang Keqin, secretary general of Shanghai Computer Industry Association, Ma Huimin, deputy secretary general of Shanghai Big Data Alliance, and Shen, deputy general manager of Shanghai Unicom Ke and the relevant leaders of Huawei unveiled the scene and published their own opinions.

Shanghai Unicom Haiyan Big Data Open Lab. This is a big data lab for telecommunications operators and partners such as Huawei to set up big data open applications. The laboratory assumes four central functions: the Open and Validation Center, the Creative and Experience Center, the Training and Research Center, and the Exhibition and Collaboration Center. In addition to Huawei, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Antai College of Economics and Management, Nielsen, and China Unicom's Big Data Open Lab have extensive cooperation in the future.

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According to Mr. Yao Jian, General Manager of Shanghai Unicom Big Data Center, the future application direction of Shanghai Unicom's Big Data Open Experiment is "equity incubation, and the equity swap and incubation cooperation of the startup team with Unicom Venture Capital".

It reflects the characteristics of openness and win-win situation. For example, the industry data used includes data resources of friends and merchants, and other industry data resources. Use telecommunications operators to integrate data with strong IDs, open up data barriers, leverage the depth of understanding of the partner industry, and serve more together. To provide users with a full-scale, multi-dimensional, convenient, and ubiquitous service experience.

There are three reasons why Shanghai Unicom can carry the banner of big data:

First, strong technical support. Shanghai Unicom's Big Data Lab adopts cooperation with Huawei, a world-class technology. Huawei provides strong technical support and a remote laboratory platform for the Shanghai Unicom Open Lab. This platform makes it possible to incubate big data without boundaries.

Second, high-tech application scenarios in international cities. The bridgehead of Shanghai Global Finance, a mirror of the world's high-tech cities. No matter from smart city, smart home, logistics, education and medical industries, the development speed is the highest in the country. And Shanghai Unicom has always been at the forefront of China Unicom Group in terms of Internet transformation. Li Zheng, deputy general manager of China Unicom Venture Capital, pointed out that the development of Shanghai Unicom's big data has always been at the forefront of China Unicom Group. As a China Unicom venture capital base, China Unicom Venture Capital can participate in the construction of a big data experimental platform and can use financial capital more Good combination with Shanghai Unicom's big data resources. I believe that this cooperation will definitely spark out. With the assistance of various strategic partners, the Shanghai Unicom Big Data Center is expected to become a model for China and even global big data strategic cooperation.

Third, open and win-win. Introduce innovative incubation joint incubation projects through venture capital. Shanghai Unicom builds cloud and big data capabilities to enable enterprises to have flexible data storage and operation capabilities, as well as the ability to process and process massive amounts of data and provide in-depth insights, which facilitates the flexible deployment of various businesses and accurate marketing. In the future, once financing and start-up services, innovation incubation subsidies, innovation consulting and training services are provided to small and micro enterprises and start-ups, the realization model of big data will emerge as the times require.

Operators lead the future of this big data

According to the "Big Data Industry Development Plan (2016-2020)" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, it is specifically proposed to accelerate the application of the big data industry; by 2020, China's big data related products and services revenue will exceed 1 trillion yuan, with an average annual The compound growth rate remains around 30%.

With the rapid development of mobile Internet, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things, more and more information closely connects people, things, and things, and uses information resources to describe social activities, and then provides objective and accurate decision basis to become information technology New power of application, big data technology came into being.

Some analysts believe that the current domestic big data industry is still in the initial stage of water testing, and e-commerce, communications, transportation, finance and other information bases that have strong information bases show obvious advantages, while government affairs big data fields that have more than 70% of public information resources It is relatively lagging. The reasons can be summarized into the following two aspects: first, the lack of data management standards has seriously affected the availability of government data; second, the industrial structure of big data has caused asymmetric supply and demand of data services.

Most of the leading Internet companies led by BAT are limited to the development of big data technology components and the construction of basic platforms. They lack access to and understanding of actual business scenarios, and their data products and services are difficult to accurately match the real production needs of data owners. With the phenomenon of dislocation.

The development of big data by telecommunications operators has ushered in the best era. "The Obama-era Open Internet Act emphasizes network neutrality and requires operators to not provide differentiated network access. The" Broadband User Privacy Protection Rules "emphasizes that operators cannot obtain user information without authorization, including network access behavior And the content behind them. For the two laws, the former prohibits operators ’differentiated access to services, and the latter restricts operators’ big data services. The loosening of business will give operators more room for business innovation.

And telecom operators have been cultivating user data for more than ten years, and not only have a real and reliable user database, but also have practical application scenarios. Therefore, it has inherent advantages in the application of big data. And Shanghai Unicom, the first to force big data, is expected to become a model for operators' big data operators.

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