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5.17 Telecom, China Unicom, Xiao Wo big data to help the game industry upgrade

Author: Zhengzhou broadband installation package Source: Zhengzhou broadband installation Published: 2017-05-17 23:54:31 visit:

Every May 17th is the "World Telecommunication and Information Society Day", which has received wide attention from society and the media for many years. The theme of this year's May 17 Telecommunications Day is "Develop Big Data and Expand Influence". In the Internet + era, with the rapid development of mobile communications, modern society has entered a new era of information explosion with PB as the unit. An era of mass production, sharing, and application of data is beginning like never before.

Xiaowo Technology, as an Internet company with an operator background, has more than 300 million users, and has accumulated a huge amount of user data resources. It has a leading edge in terms of data richness, integrity, and systemicity. Especially in the mobile game industry, based on rich user behavior data and refined user labels, Xiaowo Technology continues to deeply cultivate data mining, data processing, data analysis, and data operation, and is committed to contributing to the innovation and development of small and medium-sized game companies.

Any game that wants to win the market and achieve a longer life cycle depends largely on whether the golden key of user behavior big data is effectively opened. However, many small and medium-sized game companies are facing difficulties such as high game development costs and limited user data resources, so they need the support of big data to assist in the refined operation of games and achieve long-term development.

Real-time big data tracking assists game operation decisions

For the cooperative games on the platform, Xiaowo Technology uses the embedded SDK to collect user location, online, social, and communication data in real time, uses Spark Stream to perform multi-dimensional real-time calculation and analysis, and combines the user tag system of the big data platform to push users in real time. Real-time data mining such as false screening and risk control, so as to fully control the game's product value, user value, promotion operations and other aspects. Specifically, it includes monitoring the online duration, item consumption, task execution progress, retention, etc. of the players in the game, grasping the user's experience of the game at any time, and timely discovering the space for improvement and optimization of game products.

In order to better provide real-time feedback to developers, Xiaowo Technology has specially developed a system that meets the interactive needs of developers-Xiaowo Developer Community, which not only provides service support for product upload, evaluation, and progress query, but also provides real-time feedback for development. Information such as the game ’s operational data and revenue, to help developers understand product conditions in a timely manner and optimize operational decisions.

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Precise and intelligent push improves game stickiness

Xiaowo Technology has rich operator data resources, combined with various types of game user behavior data, and conduct detailed analysis from various dimensions such as region, age, identity, login time, login frequency, online time, payment habits, and checkpoint failure rate. Accurately identify user characteristic preference tags and establish a rich user tag system; use a combination recommendation algorithm combining collaborative filtering and APRIORI to recommend the most suitable products and content for users.

For example, in game operations, Xiaowo Technology has focused on establishing a potential lost user model and a potential paying user model. In these two models, you can speculate which users might be lost after 7 days, or which users will pay in the future, although they did not pay in the past. By adopting different push strategies, you can wake up silent users or convert non-paying players into paying players, thereby significantly improving the retention and payment rate of the game.

This precise and intelligent push capability can not only help the same game to improve the operation effect, but also realize the sharing and win-win of different games. Xiaowo Technology is the first in the industry to launch a monthly service for premium games. This business gathers high-quality boutique games, and users can obtain VIP status through a fixed monthly payment for a better experience in various games. Through analysis of user preferences and game behaviors, other high-quality game content on the platform is recommended to target users in a rich, lively, and acceptable form. While improving the user's gaming experience and increasing the fun of the game, it helps the game to introduce high-quality users, which significantly improves user stickiness and retention.

If big data is a gold mine, Xiaowo Technology's mining of this gold mine has just begun. The theme of “Developing Big Data and Expanding Influence” on 517 Telecom Day coincides with the original intention of Xiaowo Technology with the big data service industry. .

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