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Now that wireless WiFi is becoming more and more popular, why is the WiFi network speed so slow?

Author: Zhengzhou Unicom broadband Source: Zhengzhou broadband installation Published: 2017-02-12 10:22:38 visit:

In today's life, mobile devices such as mobile phones and computers are inseparable. Internet access has gradually become a daily habit of people. Everywhere I go, I like to find WiFi for Internet access. No Wi-Fi is like losing your soul, and even not surfing the Internet is like losing your life.

It seems that we really don't know enough about Wi-Fi, let Xiaobian popularize the reason why the WiFi speed is slow.

Cause one: too many connected devices and the router is overloaded

When smart phones and smart home appliances were not yet popular, the wireless network at home was only connected to laptops. With the popularity of smart devices, not only a smart phone in hand, but also home appliances have become a variety of intelligence. There is a great burden on your shoulders. At this time, it is best to replace a relatively strong wireless router.

Cause two: The router is randomly placed, resulting in poor signal

Many people think that the router can be placed anywhere, and they are often accustomed to placing it on the edge of the house, resulting in poor signals at locations far away from the router, especially in the case of passing through walls.

Because the signal from the router is circular, if the center of the circle is placed in the center of the home, the Wi-Fi signal can cover the entire house.

Reason three: Choose which WiFi is particular about

WiFi frequency is generally divided into 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The highest usage rate is 2.4GHz. Most devices use this frequency WiFi technology, but too many connected devices will cause great interference and cause data transmission failure. Internet speed drops and other issues;

Choosing a new frequency of 5GHz will not only have less interference, but the network will also be more stable. But 2.4GHz supports more and covers a wider area, so it is better to turn on both frequencies at the same time.

Can help you use WiFi effectively, so that you are one step ahead in work and life efficiency.

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