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Experts said: ofo Spring Festival stalls will continue to stage the city's "ride" view

Author: Zhengzhou broadband installation package Source: Zhengzhou broadband installation Published: 2017-01-30 09:27:26 visit:

At the beginning of the Year of the Rooster, the most popular ofo bikes in 2016 released "yellow" warnings in 33 cities across the country! And this warning signifies that Chinese bicycle culture is about to revive! Poke to see ↓

(Video presentation based on click car data in ofo bike sharing app)

Ofo shared bicycles that catalyzed such a city “ride” view. I hope that in the Spring Festival, I will give back to every user who supports the revival of bicycle culture with a 7-day free ride, and use actions to express that sharing bicycles is a public welfare undertaking. !

Experts said: ofo Spring Festival stalls will continue to stage the city's "ride" view

Ofo bike sharing, founded in 2014 by Dawei on the Peking University campus, is the first and only domestic bike sharing platform with a large-scale vehicle maintenance operation team.

In order to allow more urban residents across the country to enjoy the convenience brought by ofo small yellow cars, ofo took the lead in popularizing the concept and service of shared bicycles to the first and second-tier cities and capital cities of the country; it has now settled in 33 cities in China and became shared bicycle The platform with the largest number and widest range of cities covered in the field;

At the same time, ofo announced the opening of the "2017 City Strategy", which aims to cover 100 cities after the Spring Festival.

As of today, OFO has connected 800,000 bicycles, has more than 10 million users, and has more than 2 million daily orders. Today ofo has become the fastest-growing Internet business in history, forming a "dominant monopoly" pattern in the industry.

Ofo believes that the 2017 “riding” trail will continue.

Search and download "ofo bike sharing" in the app store and start the Spring Festival Free Tour!