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iF strikes as a fantastic "killer" app

Author: Zhengzhou broadband installation package Source: Zhengzhou broadband installation Published: 2017-01-30 09:27:25 visit:

How to make a fantastic "killer" app is undoubtedly what every product manager dreams about: bursting the circle of friends overnight and becoming a household and well-known product, alas ... Far away, there is a "footprint" to live like a movie, and closer to it, there are face cute stickers "faceU", there are "same" walking between Momo and Douban ... the fire of the stars is instantaneous in Yuanyuan, As if some hot genes were implied in the bones, once they came out, everyone couldn't stop themselves or want to stop.

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However, as the saying goes, social apps that cannot be realized are hooligans. The above so-called fantasy killer app has the characteristics of difficulty in realizing, it is more like a lonely self-reward with petty bourgeois feelings, or the prostitution of a literary youth, lacking the material foundation of the real world. Social software probably has the ability to attract users, accumulate a group of original users, and then spread it in large areas by means of virus spread. However, it is often a state of fire and death, and users are not sticky and have no realizing channels. Finally, It became a self-entertainment ceremony of self-entertainment and self-entertainment.

Recently, another fantastic killer app broke into the public's field of vision, and it is still a hot topic that everyone has heard from ear to ear-the video social software iF. iF comes with a powerful DNA of young people's social attributes-a chat filter that can stay cute and ghosts, and also sends red envelopes with creativity in the Spring Festival that Chinese people value most! Although talking about money hurts feelings, do you want to give you a red envelope? As a video social software, iF can be described as a new approach, using the station's original "eating red envelope" AR game as an entry point to quickly open the market. Open the software, let alone three or seventy two, first open his mouth and eat his round of red packets—chicken, duck, fish, sea, land, and air stew, and invite more friends, eat more, eat faster, and The larger the amount of red envelopes snatched, the more it is not a virtual currency, it is a genuine banknote. Want to tease a friend? Then plug your money into a red envelope, invite your friends to "eat", and record a video of your friends while eating, "Hey, I see your little tongue."

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The whole people are grabbing red envelopes at the moment. If you just rely on your fingers to poke the red envelopes, you can go out. In view of these novel and fun ways to grab money, iF has won a large number of post-95s, dare to try, find fun, share, and see the post-95 labels, fans and fans quickly to their peers People and brothers and sisters infiltrated the iF's fantasy, detonating the circle of friends only between the night and evening.

In addition to the "eating red envelope" game, the concept of iF is to open up the video social field. Based on facial keyword positioning technology and AR augmented reality technology, it uses beauty, microdermabrasion, stickers, face cuteness and other elements in video recording. Refuse to hide behind text and pictures, and advocate more efficient and friendly communication with friends. Even if you spend a few nights with dark circles like pandas, or you haven't applied powder daisies, you can look fair and radiant in iF. In the social age, those who have the face of beauty have the world, and face is justice!

iF also borrowed lessons from snapchat's dissatisfaction in the Chinese market. It is not a "read and burn" after arbitrarily, but upgrades this functional module: users can use this module selectively, tidy, playful, non-descriptive content I just want my friends to watch it once, and then burn it with a single click. If it is a long-cherished memory, iF can also help users store it permanently. This is a significant difference between iF and snapchat. In addition, it also created a "story" module, similar to the circle of friends in WeChat, but more private, autonomous, free-talking, and funny.

The upgrade of technology is another killer for iF to become a fantastic killer app. The 720 resolution makes it stand out from the competition, with more complete details, no compression, and clearer picture quality. In terms of encryption, iF has independently developed encryption technology to make the video more secure without losing the video upload. Speed; the effect of dermabrasion and beauty is more delicate and natural, and even the decoration of hair is not sloppy, and the stickers and beauty effects are more close to the features, just right. Engineers are not preconceived from a technical perspective, but they are thinking about how to obtain a better user experience from the perspective of users, and then infer the plasticity of technology.

This is the "fun" era, and fun becomes the first productivity. Wait and see if iF will explode "red envelope with mouth" and "beauty video", what follow-up "killer" products will be born, sweeping the army!