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The fourth largest operator is officially confirmed! It's time for the three major operators to worry! Mobile most "griefed"

Author: Zhengzhou Unicom broadband Source: Zhengzhou broadband installation Published: 2019-10-20 11:15:05 visit:

Now mobile phones have become an indispensable thing in our lives. In the early days when communication had not yet developed, for a long time, people depended on correspondence to communicate with each other. Later, the advent of the telephone made communications a step further. With the development of technology, the popularity and intelligence of mobile phones have allowed us to communicate through mobile phones without going out, which can be said to be very convenient. Of course, in terms of communications, we also know that China has three major operators, namely Mobile Unicom Telecom, and these three operators have formed a tripartite situation.

For these three operators, we are also very clear that they have always maintained a "three-legged stand" situation. These three operators have been occupying the domestic telecommunications market, but the situation is now changing. They are about to change from three-legged to four hegemony, so who is this new operator? The results were unexpected.

We are also familiar with this new company. We often see its name in TV shows, it is radio and television. Every TV drama and movie broadcast review basically requires the approval of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. Therefore, we often see its name on TV. And over the years, we have clearly seen the development of radio and television, the TV industry has developed very well, and the signal coverage is also very wide. So now, even if it develops into a new field, it is almost ready to use some infrastructure and only needs to buy some more professional equipment.

Although radio and television may be "foreign households" in the communications field, no one dares to underestimate its power. After all, years of accumulation have given broadcast and television a huge capital, which is not a good thing for these three operators, but a good thing for us. After all, we can have more options, but for these three operators, this is a joy and a worry. But think about it, isn't mobile the most worrying this time? After all, at the end of this year, many people decided to leave mobile after the number portability network was officially opened, and this time with a new operator, the situation of the mobile company seems uncertain.

The long-term development of an industry necessarily requires the injection of new blood, as does the communications industry. Today, from three operators to four operators, I think this is definitely a good thing for this industry or this market. After all, only competition can make people progress, so how many people will choose radio and television after radio and television joins?

In fact, radio and television can become the fourth largest operator, not as simple as we see on the surface, but our users have additional options. I believe that in the future, through its development, the situation of the three major operators will also change greatly. At the same time, the three operators currently estimate that they are afraid to relax in the face of such a powerful adversary. But which operator will users choose? I believe it also depends on which operator is more sincere.

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