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Beginning at the end of November, the number transfer operators are scrambling to subsidize subscribers' phone bills

Author: Zhengzhou Unicom broadband Source: Zhengzhou broadband installation Published: 2019-10-20 11:12:19 visit:

According to the news of October 20, according to the previous regulations of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the three major operators must start porting to the network freely in November. Go online for final preparations.

In addition to doing a series of preparations, there have been many user feedbacks recently. One after another received short messages from their home operators. The displayed contents are basically the same. Some special offers are given to old user operators, such as promising a certain Set the package for a period of time, give a subsidy for returning phone charges, and increase the flow of gifts, etc. In short, you should use these preferential means to bind you so that you do not rush out.

For the three major operators, it is understandable to use various preferential methods to prevent users from carrying numbers to the network, because this function is not in line with the dominant operators or has the benefits of significant short-board operators, but it can bring substantial benefits to consumers. The benefits of transformation, and in turn promote the healthy development of the industry.

Which of the three old users has the highest turnover rate?

From the point of view of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the free portability transfer is to stimulate operators and provide users with better services. Therefore, the three companies want to not lose too many old users. At the same time, the service is done well, and the tariff is more reasonable. Transparency is also a top priority.

A recent survey report shows that in the pilot work of number porting network (as of July 2019, the five pilot provinces and cities have completed 2.3 million case studies of number porting network success). China Telecom is the biggest beneficiary, and Both China Mobile and China Unicom show different levels of churn. Once this feature is turned on for all users, China Mobile may lose more old users.

In fact, for the operator, the portability of the family package is the key. The current number is based on the individual user. The development of family packages will be the focus of the operator ’s efforts in the future. The mobile network similar to the primary and secondary card + smart home-based home network combination and content combination package will Go mainstream. China Telecom has attracted too many new users, which is also related to the family integration packages they have been pushing. At present, China Mobile and China Unicom are also strengthening this aspect.

Practitioners in the telecommunications industry said that the port number transfer provides a fair competition platform, the state of peace of mind of the three major operators will be changed, and the operators will surely change to a more comprehensive service provider. Before the 5G era, operators need to make plans in advance and effectively balance the relationship between traffic tariffs and service quality in order to enhance customer stickiness.

Conditions and procedures for port number transfer

According to the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, not only must the number transfer network be implemented nationwide, but the process of allowing users to participate is simple enough. In simple terms, the conditions for participation can be divided into the following three steps:

1. The mobile phone sends a text message instruction, CXXZ # Name # certificate number, and sends it to the home operator. Among them, mobile is sent to 10086, China Unicom is sent to 10010, and China Telecom is sent to 10001 to check whether they are qualified to handle port transfer.

2. If the processing requirements are met, continue to edit the short message, and send the SQXZ # Name # certificate number to the home operator to obtain the authorization code required for porting to the network;

3, holding the "authorization code", code my valid ID card, go to the operator's online store that needs to be transferred to apply for a new card.

For users who participate in the free portability transfer, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology clearly stipulates that the three major operators cannot refuse, prevent, and delay in any way the provision of number portability inquiry services and lifting of restrictions to users, and can not add conditions for processing , In any way, refuse, prevent, or delay the provision of authorization code services to users who meet the conditions.

In addition, for users who want to participate in port number portability, they should also meet these points: register for real identity information; keep the number active; do not enjoy any benefits from the original operator before transferring out; numbers that apply for port number transfer It's been 120 days since joining the network.

In addition to the above conditions, the three major operators also have clear regulations on number portability, such as contract machines, unbound VOLTE services, 188, 157, 170/171 (virtual operator) numbers beginning, campus cards, family packages Users, broadband-bound numbers, and revenue belong to the group member relationship business or have handled the group network business, all of which are not eligible for number portability. Of course, for most users, these are basically unaffected.