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Broadband China • Information Poverty Alleviation (4) Wu Zhong: Broadband Helps Villagers Make Blood and Get Rich

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The picture shows one of the new rural e-commerce outlets in Yongxin Village, Wuzhong City (photo by Deng Cong)

On May 6, the reporter came to Wuzhong City, the famous "hometown of the Hui people in China" and visited Yongxin Village, Liuquan Township, Hongsibao District, Wuzhong City. Last year, in order to implement the goal of “E-commerce in villages and villages”, Hongsibao District newly established 15 rural e-commerce outlets to sell 20 tons of wine, 12 tons of wolfberry and 5 tons of linseed oil online.

"After accessing the broadband network, villagers can become e-commerce and micro-business, and independently 'make blood', which is the power of information to help the poor!" Mu Zhanbao, the first secretary of Wuzhong Mobile in Yongxin Village, told China Electronics News .

Optical fiber changes Yongxin Village overnight

Yongxin Village is a pilot administrative village for universal telecommunications services. The broadband network has connected the beating pulse of the outside world for small villages. According to reports, Yongxin Village has been successfully lifted out of poverty at the end of 2016 and is now in the consolidation and upgrading stage of precision poverty alleviation. The opening of fiber-optic broadband changed the marketing and wealth of farmers in Yongxin Village overnight.

With the continuous advancement of the national telecommunications universal service project, farmers have undergone industrial transformation and upgrading based on traditional agriculture. With the advantages of convenient geographical location and convenient transportation, they have combined their own characteristics to create farmhouses and attract urban friends to come to the countryside for leisure and vacation.

Li Wenbin, the secretary of the branch of Yongxin Village, realized the online promotion and sales of the main products of his family's “Yongxin No.1” farmhouse.

Li Wenbin told the China Electronics News reporter: "Before there was no internet, the apples and apricots on the fruit trees in the yard would be given to the villagers or they would fall into the ground and rot." The adoption of fruit trees can already provide him with a fixed income of more than 4,000 yuan per year.

Broadband not only brought wealth to Li Wenbin, but also provided the whole village with the opportunity to plan for the "online future" to become rich. Utilizing the advantages of information technology, China Mobile Ningxia Company made full use of the Internet's leading role in supporting the development of local agriculture and industrial transformation, and organically combined physical stores with e-commerce, so that the real economy and the Internet had a superimposed effect.

From "e-commerce Xishi" to cattle breeding expert

Zhang Xiaoyan is a well-known "e-commerce Xi Shi" in the village. She opened her own online shop on the Ningqin e-commerce platform based on her own store to help villagers buy and sell on their behalf. Zhang Xiaoyan told the China Electronics News reporter happily: "Now, one month's income can be up to 2,000 yuan more than before. Farmers' agricultural products can be sold nationwide on Ningken stores through this e-commerce platform to help everyone increase their income."

According to Mu Zhanbao, while the material foundation has improved, folks have gradually realized the importance of information and knowledge. Before accessing broadband in Yongxin Village, villagers could only make phone calls if there was a problem. Now there is a network everywhere. Communication between villagers uses WeChat, which saves a lot of communication expenses. More than 600 households in the village now have broadband installed, and the penetration rate of smartphones has reached 100%.

With the continuous advancement of the national telecommunications universal service pilot, the village's application level of information technology has gradually improved. After the fiber-optic master Luo Gui entered the household, he learned the scientific method of raising cattle online, and carried out online sales.

His cowshed has grown from 5 cows in the beginning to 46 cows now. A camera is installed in the cowshed, and the situation of the cowshed can be seen on the mobile phone at any time. "I did n’t necessarily sell one at the market before. Now I have the Internet. I posted the information about the cattle on the Internet. Someone contacted me in a while. Last year, more than 20 cattle were listed and more than half were sold through the Internet. Too convenient! "Luo Gui sighed.

With the support of the government and the support of the Internet, Luogui's cooperatives will gradually move towards the path of modern breeding.

Medical insurance line to facilitate villagers' expense reimbursement

In the process of informatization construction, the local area makes full use of Internet technology to change the original medical model, effectively connecting the information islands between the original hospitals and hospitals, doctors and doctors, and doctors and residents to improve the use of medical resources. effectiveness.

Jing Duo, the head of China Mobile's Finance and Grain Store in Yongxin Village, told reporters that in the past, many villagers often had to go to towns more than 20 kilometers away in order to reimburse medical expenses. Since 2016, the company has installed a dedicated medical insurance system for the clinic. After that, the village clinic can reimburse the local villagers for medical expenses.

In addition, the village clinic has access to "cloud video" equipment. Through this device, the rural clinic can conduct remote video communication with Hongsibao District People's Hospital doctors to discuss the condition, which greatly improves the efficiency of local doctors and patients.

In order to further actualize the targeted poverty alleviation work, the mobile company also simultaneously established a group V network, 6995 security joint defense, mobile home care products, information poverty alleviation, and online e-commerce platforms for the village. The group V network allows villagers to call each other. Do n’t pay for money; 6995 Ping An ’s joint defense makes it difficult for one party and supports from all directions. The mobile phone viewing business also solves the concern of migrant workers for their parents, wives and children, and directly meets the situation of home care, elderly and left-behind children at home; "Magic Box", you can also download courseware on Internet TV to provide homework for children in the village.

At the end of 2016, 20 party and government agencies, 64 administrative villages, 64 village-level schools, and 100 village clinics in Hongsibao District successively carried out e-government network access and opened a cloud MAS service on the SMS platform. Village cadres only You can send important notices and agricultural information to the villagers with one click, and village cadres and the general public can know the latest poverty alleviation policies without leaving home. So that the people can truly enjoy the mobile convenience service of "less errands, no more blocking, and doing good things."

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