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Guangdong Mobile's 100 billion construction of "dual broadband" 5G testing is progressing

Author: Zhengzhou broadband installation package Source: Zhengzhou broadband installation Published: 2017-05-17 23:55:31 visit:

■ 5 · 17 Telecom Daily Industry Connection

"17 May" World Telecommunication and Information Society Day is coming. Yesterday, Qiu Wenhui, deputy general manager of China Mobile Guangdong Company, said in an interview with reporters that Guangdong Mobile will invest 100 billion yuan during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period to promote the construction of information infrastructure. , Cross-industry IoT services will be launched in transportation, home appliances, agriculture and other fields.

It is understood that Guangdong Mobile is constructing a “two-pronged approach” to high-speed information communication networks. Currently, 4G mobile communication networks have covered 100% of administrative villages, and 5G external field tests are also steadily advancing; and the construction of optical fiber broadband networks is intensifying. Build 1,000 gigabit communities.

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Broadband construction goes both ways

At this year's "two sessions," Premier Li Keqiang pointed out in the government work report that in the Internet era, development in all areas requires faster and lower-cost information networks. This year, network speed-up and fee reduction must take greater steps. At present, major telecommunications operators are increasing their efforts to strengthen network construction and implement the state's policy of "speeding up and reducing fees."

In terms of mobile communication networks, Qiu Wenhui introduced that Guangdong Mobile's 4G network has achieved continuous coverage in 21 prefectures, cities and counties in the province, and 100% coverage of administrative villages has arrived. Regarding the construction of the new 5G network that users are very concerned about, Qiu Wenhui revealed that China Mobile's 5G Guangzhou field test has been started on March 30 this year and is currently steadily progressing.

"In addition to wireless networks, Guangdong Mobile is also improving the level of fiber optic broadband networks." Qiu Wenhui said, "At present, Guangdong Mobile's pre-broadband coverage has exceeded 28 million, and 80% of users have broadband access capabilities of more than 100M. In rural areas Optical fiber broadband network construction is also underway. ”It is understood that Guangdong Mobile won the first batch of three pilot cities in Guangdong ’s 2016 Universal Broadband Service in 2016, providing 100M fiber broadband to 736 administrative villages in Zhanjiang, Shantou, and Meizhou, and 4K. A series of information services such as television.

Qiu Wenhui said that Guangdong Mobile will build 1,000 gigabit communities in the province within the year to promote the next-generation optical fiber transmission network and ultra-wide terminal equipment from pilot to large-scale applications.

Increased tariff concessions

At the same time as "speeding up" is being stepped up, telecommunications operators have also increased their efforts to "reduce fees." At present, various operators have unveiled their “unlimited traffic” tariff packages, and mobile has also increased the tariff concessions.

In early May, China Mobile launched the "Anyone Use" package, which is divided into two categories: new users and old users. Among them, the new user is also divided into two rates of 188 yuan and 288 yuan, including 500 minutes of voice, 12GB traffic and 1500 minutes of voice, 20GB traffic, and for older users is 238 yuan 15GB data package. When the user's usage traffic in the month exceeds the capped value, the network speed is not higher than 1MB / s. After the monthly traffic usage reaches 50GB, the Internet access function is stopped.

IoT services are coming

A few days ago, the cooperation between Guangdong Mobile and Midea successfully completed the development and commissioning of the first intelligent fan product with commercial potential based on the narrowband Internet of Things. This kind of intelligent electric fan based on the narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) can be passed through a bracelet, etc. The wearable device acquires the sleep state of the user, and intelligently adjusts the air supply comfort according to the sleep state to form a smart and comfortable sleep air supply effect, and is connected with other smart devices such as air conditioners to quickly respond to indoor temperature changes.

The reporter learned that the cross-industry application of the intelligent Internet of Things is an important direction for Guangdong Mobile's current technological innovation. At present, Guangdong Mobile is accelerating the implementation of the NB-IoT network coverage test in Guangzhou and other places, which means that more and more users will directly experience such technical support.

In which areas will users experience the advanced services brought by the Internet of Things faster? Qiu Wenhui revealed that Guangdong Mobile and bicycle sharing companies have already launched IoT cooperation. The number of connections will exceed 2 million in the first half of this year, and cooperation with auto manufacturers such as Dongfeng Nissan is expected to provide IoT connectivity services for 500,000 cars in 2020. At the same time, Guangdong Mobile and the Provincial Department of Agriculture have set up a remote agricultural monitoring service platform and an "agricultural eye" agricultural intelligent monitoring system to track the state of meteorology, crops, and soil in a timely manner through the Internet of Things technology to guide farmers in scientific farming.

"Guangdong Mobile has established a Smart IoT Center, and the era of the Internet of Everything is moving towards us." Qiu Wenhui said.

[Reporter] Yao Yan