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Zhengzhou Unicom Broadband Pure Broadband Package
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The three major operators issued an important notice: it will be implemented on January 1, 2017!

Author: Zhengzhou Unicom broadband Source: Zhengzhou broadband installation Published: 2018-01-27 12:05:14 visit:

Zhengzhou Unicom Broadband
According to the regulations of the National GX Department, the new real-name certification will be implemented from January 1, 2017 (Note: The implementation time varies slightly from place to place, please refer to the local operator's announcement). Regardless of whether you are a mobile, China Unicom, or telecommunications user, you will need to take a photo (face recognition) on the spot and add valid documents to the new entry network. Mobile, China Unicom, and telecommunications users will also need to take pictures on the scene and have valid IDs for registration. Indispensable, we abide by the confidentiality agreement and never disclose any information of the user. Underage users also need to provide legal agents to take pictures on the scene, a total of two photos plus two valid IDs.

The real-name system is a national compulsory requirement. Users are requested to understand it, and actively cooperate with the scene to take pictures. Please tell each other ~