Zhengzhou Unicom Broadband Package Classification
Pure broadband
Zhengzhou Unicom Broadband Pure Broadband Package
4G Broadband 1 + 1
200 yuan 4G integration package
4G Converged Annual Plan 1188
Wireless monthly phone
Monthly fixed-line phone
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200 yuan 4G integration package
200 yuan 4G integration package
100M contract broadband free with two years free fiber cat + set-top box, 300 minutes per month
Zhengzhou Unicom Broadband Pure Broadband Package
Zhengzhou Unicom Broadband Pure Broadband Package
The latest tariffs in October 2019: 300M broadband for 800 yuan a year, light cat 100, total: 900.
Monthly fixed-line phone
Monthly fixed-line phone
50 packets for 1000 minutes, 5 minutes for 80 packets for 2000 minutes, 4 minutes for 100 packets for 3000 minutes, 3.3 minutes per minute
4G Converged Annual Plan 1188
4G Converged Annual Plan 1188
1. Establish a new mobile phone number 2. The minimum consumption is 99 yuan / month 3. The mobile phone number does not need to pay for one year;
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Zhengzhou broadband which is good-how about Zhengzhou Unicom broadband
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